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The Origins of our Cardamom Bun

Yes, that pungent little green pod you’ve no doubt unsuspectedly chewed, spoiling a delicious curry - Ewww.

Originating from the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia, cardamom has a complex taste and strong aroma and is widely used in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine - think Garam Masala spice mix, rice dishes, desserts, Chai Tea and Turkish coffee.

It is also a common ingredient in Nordic Cuisine, and particularly Sweden where you find the scrumptious Cardamom Bun (Kardemummabullar).

You will find our own delicious version of the Cardamom Bun right here in Northbridge at Miller and Baker. We fell in love with the Cardamom Bun courtesy of @Juno_the_bakery, a little Swedish bakery in Denmark. We would patiently queue outside the little bakery each morning on our way to work with the scent of cardamom filling the cold air. As we moved closer to the front of the queue we could watch the bakers at their stations expertly twisting the dough.

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We shared our Juno memories with Jen, our skilled pastry chef, and she magically translated them into the Miller and Baker version of the Cardamom Bun. A cardamom dough, made with some of WA’s finest freshly milled flour (milled here on-site), a little sugar and a generous amount of the highest quality butter. Spread with cardamom scented butter, and meticulously twisted and rolled into a Swedish bun shape.

Once baked the still warm pastry is lightly brushed with cardamom syrup and sprinkled with cardamom scented sugar. Heavenly!

This is a bit of melting pot of a post - Middle East, India, Sweden, Copenhagen to Northbridge. I'm pining for past and future travels at the moment, share your own bakery or travel memories.

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