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Community Bake Sale for Indigenous Charities

Updated: Jan 25

We believe that January 26 is not a date to celebrate. Instead we will be volunteering our venue and our time and holding a Community Bakesale to benefit Aboriginal Women and children in crisis.⁠

We are committed to supporting communities, and we believe the biggest impacts are felt when people come together. That's why we are asking for your help to raise money in the best way we know - a bake-sale on Friday morning, 8-11am January 26th. ⁠

All proceeds will be donated to Kambarang Place Aboriginal Refuge and Wooree Miya Refuge for Women and Children.⁠

To participate, we ask you to bake whatever your heart desires and drop it off at our bakery between 6:30 - 7:45am, at our 236 Lake Street bakery on the morning of the event.⁠

Please label your baking beauties, for example:

"My Nana's Choc Slice"

Include a list of ingredients and highlight if your bake nuts, egg, dairy, sesame etc.

Preferably bring packed in a cake box or recycled cereal, otherwise please write your name and phone number on your container. Don't worry about presentation, we'll transfer everything to servicing platters for the display table.

Or donate goods to our raffle or cafe supplies, or your skills or time.⁠

And we welcome EVERYONE to visit the Bake Sale, fill your plate, buy a coffee and make a donation.⁠

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