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You might be wondering something about us that we already have the answer to!

What's the big deal?

We do sing and dance a LOT about our sourdoughs at Miller and Baker. It's because we're so proud of the freshly milled wheat that is grown right here in WA that goes into all our doughs. It's chemical and pesticide free and just so damn tasty! 

Can we order online?

Yes, you sure can! And if there's a particular loaf that you're ALWAYS missing out on, online ordering for the weekend is the best way to ensure you get your hands on it. We use the Cookaborough ordering platform that you can access via the button below. 


From us! Come in to our Lake Street Bakery and we'll happily share a piece of our 'mother' sourdough starter with you.


If you share our passion for artisan sourdough and pastries, freshly milled flour, excellent customer service, exceptional coffee and delicious food, drop us a line and tell us more about yourself.  

Miller and Baker is currently seeking world class baristas, please get in touch!

Can I have my loaf sliced?

Unfortunately not. We did have an old slicer which could only slice our semi-sourdoughs, but it has recently been put out to pasture. We won't be investing in a new slicer - they are seriously expensive and we have found that loaves made with freshly milled flour are EXTRA STICKY and the blades just get stuck in the dough. 

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes, you can purchase a digital Miller and Baker gift voucher for yourself or a friend by clicking the button below.  Gift vouchers are valid for 3 years. 

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