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Miller + Baker Fluffy Pancakes

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

M+B Pancake Mix, made with our freshly milled Federation Wheat flour, grown here in WA.

Delicious plain or with a little butter - but they taste like heaven with berries and maple syrup!

For 8-10 medium-sized fluffy pancakes you will need :

150g Miller and Baker Pancake Mix

1 egg

1 cup milk

1 tablespoon melted butter

  1. Melt the butter in a microwave, (or melt in the frypan that you'll be using to cook your pancakes).

  2. Add the dry pancake mix to a large bowl, and make a well in the centre.

  3. In a small bowl or jug lightly whisk the egg and milk, then add to the dry mix and very gently stir with a whisk until JUST combined. There will be some lumps, don't worry!

  4. Pour the melted butter over the top of this lumpy batter and stir again with the whisk, just a couple of turns.

  5. Heat your frypan on medium, and gently dollop a tablespoon of batter.

  6. Wait until lots of bubbles form - a minute or two, then flip over and cook for another 30 - 60 seconds, until lightly golden and cooked through.

  7. Repeat until you have a delicious stack of golden pancakes.

  8. Serve however you like, but we love them with a lump of butter, maple syrup and fresh berries.

NOTE: We use Cheeky Cow Milk, The Butter People Butter and Out'n'About Eggs, all available when you buy your pancake mix from the bakery.


Check out our little how-to make
Miller + Baker Pancakes here:

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