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Eat Good Bread

This is what we’re all about - GOOD BREAD.

Beginning with SOIL and our Western Australian farmers, dedicated to harnessing the dynamic, natural relationships that exists between all the organisms in the ecosystem and the environment itself to create the optimal growing medium without the need for any chemical pesticides or fertilisers.

Mark collects this incredibly nutritious grain from the Haggerty's farm near Mollerin and runs it through our STONE-MILL to give us an incredibly fine and fresh flour, which retains all the goodness contained within each little grain of wheat.

Finally, the process of traditional SOURDOUGH FERMENTATION - again letting nature do its part to add even more life to the flour with the addition of water and time (around 27 hours in all) creating a wild yeast from the lactic acid bacteria found naturally in flour.

This stuff is so GOOD for your gut, and why we honestly believe our sourdough bread is the absolute best you can eat.

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