WA Wheat flour - Halberd

WA Wheat flour - Halberd

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Stoneground Australian Hard Wheat Flour

variety: Halberg

Grown by the Haggerty Family, Mollerin WA

Free from Chemical fertilisers and Pesticides


An Australian hard wheat with tall growth habit and deep roots, popular in the 70’s but phased out in favour of higher yielding varieties.

Our own bakery trials have resulted in delicious loaves with an open crumb, superior crust and a depth of flavour. We reckon this flour is an excellent all rounder - use for bread, biscuits, cakes, muffins, savoury and sweet pastries.

This is the flour we use in the very special Miche we deliver to Wildflower restaurant at the Treasury every day.


Ingredients: 100% Stoneground WA Wheat

Contains gluten